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Dog Groomer

The Spa

We provide high quality styling services for the beauty and wellness of your pet. Our full-service styling salon and spa have the highest quality in natural products for all your pets grooming treatments. During your pets visit, our experienced and well educated groomers and staff are on hand to attend to the unique requirements of your pet so as to ensure a soothing, relaxing,

positive and safe experience for your fur-baby.

Regular grooming helps keep your loved one clean, refreshed, and healthy.

Our goal is to provide a stress free experience for both the pets and their owners.  Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that we have veterinarians right next door! Our groomers can give the utmost care for your special needs pets also. They are trained to identify signs of stress and when a pet needs medical attention. 

Our groomers do book up quickly, the next available appointment maybe a few weeks in the future. We occasionally have cancellations, so please let our receptionist know that you are interested in an earlier appointment date and they will get you on our Grooming Wait-list.

Grooming hours:

Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm

Saturday 9am - 3pm

(Early drop-off and late pick-up can

be arranged with an additional charge) 

Rates vary based on size of pet and style of cut.


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