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Offering beginner to advanced, these group classes teach the basics such as: Sit, Stay, Heel, Wait, Come, and loose leash walking (NO PULLING!)

All taught with and without distractions.

Session package consist of 6 consecutive one hour classes every week with 3 to 10 other students.




A one hour private class to work on any training you may need help with. 


In a private class, our trainers can teach you and your dog(s) how to understand each other better and ultimately grow a stronger bond!


Rate is per class



Ideal for the busy owner! We offer one-on-one classes (just dog and trainer) you can drop-off just for the hour class, or combine services for more convenience. While boarding, grooming or here for daycare, take advantage of this awesome training opportunity. We provide a video of the session so you can see what we worked on and how to continue the lesson at home!  

Rate is per hour class